Hi guys I'm Kei. You saw what I did there (High-Kei) lol. My name is Keiwana & I' m a Certified Lash Technician & a self taught hairstylist. I attained my Lash Extension Certification in April of 2019 from the Lash Snob. In addition to my Lash Certification, I also enjoy doing hair as well. At the early age of 9 my cousin Rhonda taught me how to braid. With this foundation I'm able to create most hairstyles. I also utilize "YouTube University" as a resource for learning new techniques to perfect my craft. 

 I believe beauty comes from within but physical beauty can be enhanced in various ways. One way is with an accessory.  An accessory is commonly used to make something more versatile, useful and/or attractive. Some of my favorite accessories are wigs, earrings, bags, lashes, etc. These are all nice, BUT these items shouldn't define you. You define them.

And that is why my motto is:

Although we don't sell confidence, our goal is to empower others to feel more confident about themselves. While boosting your confidence my goal is to provide a satisfying experience. Of course a sale is great...but we like making our customers happy at HKB!